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Life insurance is an important safety net to have in place for your loved ones, yet many people avoid thinking about it or taking action until it is too late. Anyone that has dependent family members should consider this option, as it can provide significant assistance in case of death.

Surviving family members may require financial support to pay mortgages, keep up with bills, and maintain the standard of living that they are accustomed to. When life insurance coverage is purchased, the buyer pays a premium and, in return, their beneficiaries are given a lump-sum payment in case of the insured's death.

Term Life Group Insurance

*Discounted premiums for Members and Spouses with no policy fees

Standard Issue Life Insurance

Available to members under the age of 75

  • Members Choose any amount up to $1.5 million in $5,000 increments
  • Spouses can choose any amount (as long as it does not exceed member coverage) in $50,000 increments up to $500,000
  • Plan pays in addition to other coverage you have

Simplified Issue Life Insurance- One Step Express

Available to members under the age of 60

  • Only Five medical questions
  • If you are under age 50: up to $250,000 of coverage
  • If you are age 50-59: up to $150,000 of coverage
  • Plan pays in addition to other coverage you have

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