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Even for the healthiest individuals, having a comprehensive health insurance policy in place is an absolute necessity. With insurance, you can more easily and effectively maintain and even improve your health. In addition to this, you can be fully prepared for any unexpected illnesses or injuries that may suddenly arise. At Insurance Specialists, Inc., our brokers offer health insurance policies to clients and can help you choose which option is the best fit to meet your specific needs.

We offer:

  • Individual medical insurance with enhanced benefits exclusively for Members, employees, and eligible family Members.
  • Group medical insurance for Member firms with two to 50 employees on staff.
  • Discount RX card through the Humana Prescription Savings Program that is designed to save you money on your prescriptions.

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Enjoy Significant Savings, an Extensive Physician Network, & More Benefits!

With a solid plan in place, you can enjoy protection and peace of mind knowing that you will be covered in the event of an illness or accident. You will also be able to pursue routine preventive care so that you can avoid illnesses or health conditions in the first place. Whatever your specific healthcare needs and goals may be, our Professional Insurance Administrators are sure to have the perfect fit.

We can give you quick quotes over the phone, expedited turnaround times, ease of access, and care from an extensive network of medical providers. With optional plans available at significant discounts, you will receive numerous benefits under the coverage that we provide.

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Insurance Options *

Individual Medical Insurance

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Enhanced benefits exclusively for Members, Employees and Eligible Family Members

  • Quoting process takes only minutes online or over the phone at ISI's toll free number.
  • Application turnaround usually five business days
  • Optional Confidential pre-screening to determine eligibility
  • Optional Dental Plans Available
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible plans available
  • Member Discount Program including Vision, Natural Products & Services and Home Rx Delivery
  • Member assistance program provides telephone access to licensed clinicians for consultations and referrals 24/7
  • Underwritten by Aetna and other highly rated insurance carriers

Group Medical Insurance

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Available to Member firms with 2 to 50 employees

  • Offers business owners and employees a choice of health insurance benefit plans
  • Ease of use for employer, including plan designs that are easy to set-up, administer, use and provide support.
  • Access to Aetna Navigator®, Aetna's online resource for employers.
  • Large physician network in California with more than 65,000 physicians and 400 hospitals.
  • Underwritten by Aetna and other highly rated insurance carriers

Discount RX Card

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ISI is pleased to provide you with the Humana Prescription Savings Program to help you save money on your prescriptions. Click the "Learn More" tab and enter Group Number 1117 on the Humana Discount Rx site to discover what this card has to offer!

  • Savings average 31%, with potential savings of up to 50% on brand name and generic prescription drugs. All prescription drugs are eligible for savings.
  • Savings on Over-the-Counter medications (with a prescription).
  • Over 62,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including both chain and independents.
  • No enrollment fees, paperwork or limits on usage.
  • Everyone in your household can use the same card.
  • Use the website to find a participating pharmacy nearest you, search for the lowest price on your prescription medications, find answers to frequently asked questions, or print an extra card.

*Not all products on this page are available to all Participating Associations.Check your specific association page for a reference of your association's products.

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