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Insurance for North Carolina State Firefighter Association

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Insurance Specialists, Inc. know that In this digital age, we depend on our phones, computers, tablets, and even smart watches to communicate with others, stay updated on current events, and conduct our everyday lives.

However, what happens when you pass away? What happens to your Instagram pictures and Spotify playlists? What about e-mail accounts, bank accounts, and recurring subscriptions? Your presence on the internet does not disappear when you die.

Most social media companies keep their user accounts active, unless they are closed or deleted by the user, someone with the user’s login information, or a designated executor. Nevertheless, these accounts can be difficult to remove.

The same goes with financial accounts. Without detailed instructions, such as a will or trust, the distribution of assets in personal accounts may have to go through probate.

Make a Plan

To avoid any of the issues of your digital assets in the event of your death, take time to organize them and create a wish list to save your loved ones the trouble of sorting it all out.

Consider the following actions when coming up with a plan:

  • Research digital afterlife services. Companies like Afternote, Afterwood, and Capsoole provide services that take care of your digital assets in the event of your demise. The services include digital asset planning, online memorials, as well as posthumous messaging.
  • Create a will or trust. These documents detail exactly how you would like your affair to be handled in the event of your death. You can designate an executor for your estate, determine how property is distributed amongst your loved ones, and even name a guardian for any minor children.
  • Purchase life insurance. Not only does life insurance cover burial and medical expenses, but also provide support for your family to resolve outstanding financial matters or maintain their way of living.
  • Set up a password app. 1Password, LastPass, and other similar services can store all of your login information, credit card information, passport, driver’s license, etc. in one convenient place.

If you are interested in buying life insurance, contact Insurance Specialists, Inc. for more information today.