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Many health insurance policies separate “preventive care” from different types of health care; for example, emergency medical care and urgent care are considered and thus, are also billed at a separate rate. Nowadays, health insurers are required to cover the entire cost of “preventive care,” which includes regular check-ups, screenings, some laboratory work, and vaccinations.

It is always good to know what preventive care means exactly so that you know what types of services are covered and which are not. Insurance Specialists, Inc. offers the following tips to help you discern the differences.

1. The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has made wellness exams, vaccinations, health screenings, and some forms of contraceptives free to patients.

2. Preventive health services should have no cost.

The guidelines that define preventive services were discussed and established by some of the leading authorities in the medical and scientific communities. While this goes without saying, preventive health care should come at no cost to patients. There will be some conditions that will not make certain services free; as an example, older individuals can expect to receive some services fully covered by their insurance. However, younger individuals, who may be less likely to develop or suffer from an age-related illness may not be covered.

3. Stick with providers in your network.

Your health insurance will only cover services by providers who are in your network. While it may be necessary to go outside of your network, for example, you only trust that particular doctor or that doctor was recommended specifically by a friend.

4. Make an appointment specifically to address one issue.

If you have made an appointment to go for an annual check-up on your overall health, remind them that you are only there for an exam. If you bring up other issues concerning your health at any time during your visit, your doctor might order other exams or order treatments for issues that are not considered preventive.

5. Speak up if you have any doubts about your bills.

If you have been charged for procedures unrelated to your visit, do not be afraid to speak up if you have any disagreements about the services rendered. Billing errors can and do happen frequently, but they can be quickly smoothed over just by discussing the situation with your doctor.

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