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Long-term health care offers policyholders coverage if they develop chronic illnesses or become disabled and are unable to care for themselves for a lengthy amount of time. Long-term health care can cost an average of almost $84,000 a year without insurance, but a growing number of employers are now offering long-term care a voluntary through their insurance plans. Below is a list of four things you should know about long-term care insurance before deciding whether it is right for you.

1.Decide Where You Need Care: There is a common misconception that long-term care insurance only offers coverage for policy holders who are living in an assisted living home, hospice care or nursing home. While that may have been true years ago, today policies are designed to allow home care for those who prefer to age in their own home.

2.Benefits Are Flexible: Policies are much more flexible meaning you can use your benefits to install things like walk-in bathtubs or grab bars in your bathroom. Other personal care supplies such as lift chairs or specialized hospital beds can be included as part of your benefits.

3.Family Caregivers Can Be Supported: Long-term care plans recognize how important family caregivers can be to policyholders, which is why insurance carriers have provided options for reimbursement and training for family caregivers.

4.Not Just for Older People: Preparing for retirement and the hurdles of old age is important. Applying for long term care benefits is cheaper the younger and in better health you are. Additionally, accidents and illnesses that require assisted or home care can happen at any age, investing earlier could make these plans more affordable for you in the end.

We at Insurance Specialists, Inc., encourage you to learn more about long-term care so you and your family can be prepared should you ever need assisted care. Our professional insurance administrator offers long-term care insurance, contact us today for more information.