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Long-term care insurance is an important protection for your family. It can help you maintain your independence and provide needed care without straining your family’s finances, should you become disabled or as you grow older. Here are 5 things you should know about long-term care insurance.

You Decide Where You Receive Care

Long-term care insurance can allow you to receive care wherever you prefer. If you decide in-home care is the best fit for you, your insurance can help you get the care you need. It also can cover nursing home care, assisted living facility care, adult day care, and hospice centers.

Benefits are Flexible

This type of coverage offers far greater flexibility when it comes to the types of services and care you need. Home modifications can help you remain in your home longer and can be covered by your long-term care insurance. It may also cover other care-related products and personal supplies that can make your day-to-day functioning easier.

It Supports Family Caregivers

Long-term care insurance doesn’t only cover professional caregivers. It can help your family to continue to care for you by providing training and even reimbursing friends and family members for their time as your caregiver.

It Can be Shared for Couples

Your policy may offer an option for shared care, which allows couples to share their policy with their spouse to get the maximum possible coverage. If one spouse has exhausted their benefits, they may be able to use their souse’s benefits as well. This can provide peace of mind for couples, knowing they can receive care as they need it.

It’s not Just for Older People

Many people think of long-term care coverages as being a necessity for older people, but not for those who are still working or raising families. Long-term care coverage is for everyone, and can help your family in the event that you become ill or disabled and require extended personal care while you recover. Age and health are important factors when you apply for long-term care coverage, so applying while you are young can make coverage more affordable.

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