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Life insurance policies are extremely beneficial protection to have in the event something were to happen to you in the future. However, it’s always surprising to learn just how many people are unaware of what is and is not actually covered. This could lead to a nasty shock in the event your loved ones try to file a claim for them in the future. Want to avoid one of these unpleasant surprises? Here are just a few things that aren’t covered under most* life insurance policies.

Mortgage Insurance

This may confuse a few people because some life insurance companies offer policies which also include mortgage insurance. This benefit is designed to help your loved ones pay off their existing mortgage without having to worry about using the benefits from the policy lump sum. Some policies include this term, but the vast majority do not. Talk to your life insurance company or broker to learn whether this is an option that’s available to you.

Disability or Critical Illness

Life insurance policies only become payable upon the passing of the policy holder, not when they become critically ill or permanently injured. Critical illness insurance and disability insurance do exist and both are fairly good ideas if you work in a dangerous profession. However, your life insurance policy will not pay benefits to you in the event you sustain one of these conditions.


The majority of policies do not pay out benefits if you choose to end your own life. While it is possible to purchase a clause that allows some benefits to be paid out if the policy is at least two years old, your company won’t pay out benefits if you commit suicide. It’s important to remember that most suicidal feelings are temporary, and you should seek help immediately if you’re having these types of thoughts.

Reckless Endangerment

Do you enjoy racing cars? Skydiving? Rock climbing? These are all activities which, while thrilling and enjoyable, could be classified as a massive, unnecessary risk to your health and well-being, and therefore considered “reckless endangerment.” Many activities that fall under this umbrella will disqualify a life insurance claim if they cause the death of the policy holder.

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*What is and is not covered under your exact policy will depend entirely on its terms. Talk to your company or insurance broke to learn more about your specific case.