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Insurance for North Carolina State Firefighter Association

We Are Dedicated To The Professional Association Insurance Industry Nationwide.

As living expenses continue to increase, it’s easy to think of insurance as just another luxury item. However, not having adequate insurance to cover you in case of an accident or other unfortunate incident can have a detrimental effect on you and your loved ones. Below, we discuss the risks of being uninsured.

Too many people try to address their current financial expenses without planning ahead for future expenses that will have a substantial impact on their life and the lives of their family. If you want to be able to comfortably retire and care for your loved ones down the line, you need a strong insurance policy that will address all of your financial concerns.

The unexpected death of a household’s primary earner can also result in a financial catastrophe for those who have been left behind. Although some people skip life insurance coverage because they think it is too expensive, the truth is, it is cheaper than most people think. According to one study, 8 out of 10 people overestimate the cost of life insurance.

You can also benefit from a life insurance policy while you are still alive. With a permanent life insurance policy, you will have lifelong protection, as well as the option to accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis. You can use the cash value to make a down payment on a home or to fund your child’s college expenses. With a permanent life insurance policy, your family will have a financial cushion throughout your life.

Another form of insurance that people often overlook is disability insurance. Estimates suggest that 30% of American workers will suffer an injury that leaves them disabled for 90 days or longer. Severe injuries and illnesses are also the top reasons for foreclosures and bankruptcies. With disability insurance benefits, you will still have a source of income while you recover from your injury or illness.

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