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If you are wondering if your insurance company can cancel your policy, the short answer is yes. Federal and state laws stipulate when a policy can be cancelled and what the insurance company is required to do in order to properly cancel your policy. If your insurance company violates such laws, including improperly cancelling your policy, you can file a bad faith claim against them.

What Reasons Can an Insurance Company Cancel My Policy?

Cancellation of a policy is prohibited, except for a few situations. Insurers have the authority to cancel your policy if:

  • You obtained your coverage through fraud
  • You failed to pay your policy premiums
  • You become a higher hazard through your own actions and now require your rates to be increased
  • The insurance company loses its insurance covering your policy

If your policy is cancelled for reasons that are not listed above, or if an insurance company wrongfully claims that one of these reasons is why it cancelled your policy, then you can choose to take legal action.

What Is Required When My Insurance Company Cancels My Policy

Insurance companies are required by law to provide their policyholders with written notice of the decision to cancel a policy. This notification must be given no later than 10 days before the policy cancellation goes into effect.

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If you believe your policy is at risk of being cancelled or if you believe it was wrongfully cancelled, then you should speak with our professional insurance administrators to discuss how we can help you get the coverage you need. At Insurance Specialists, Inc. we understand the serious consequences of not having insurance coverage, which is why we have been helping the people of Atlanta with their insurance policy needs since 1959. Let us help you today.

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