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Insurance for North Carolina State Firefighter Association

We Are Dedicated To The Professional Association Insurance Industry Nationwide.

It’s you’re on a tight budget or trying to maximize your savings, you might be inclined to skimp or skip out on any kind of insurance you’re not legally or contractually bound to have. It’s an understandable attitude – why pay for coverage you don’t already need, won’t need for the foreseeable future, or may never need at all?

The unfortunate reality is that you’re putting yourself at great risk of financial ruin by failing to cover certain facets of life – or even your life itself, as far as life insurance is concerned. At a minimum, you probably have auto, healthcare, and home/renter’s insurance policies – but what about dental, long-term care, individual disability, identity theft, legal, or student accident insurance?

It may seem like there’s a type of insurance for every conceivable risk in life, and perhaps that’s one reason why you’ve stuck to the basics for this long. All of the aforementioned insurances, however, can play vital roles in protecting your financial life at its most sensitive pressure points.

Insurance Can Keep Greater Costs at Bay

One reason to purchase an insurance policy is to keep your overall costs down. Consider dental insurance – a relatively common type of insurance that people willing to go beyond the basics tend to purchase. By having dental insurance, you can more comfortably afford access to preventative care that can prevent much more costly procedures, like root canals. Many plans are willing to cover X-rays and cleanings for free or nominal copays, which help you and your dentist stay on top of your oral health.

Insurance Can Account for Once-in-a-Lifetime Disasters

Individual disability and identity theft are good examples of the types of insurance people wish they had when the unlikely or unthinkable comes to pass. Ideally, you’ll pay the premiums on these types of insurance policies and hope you’ll never have to file a claim.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re throwing money into a black hole, though. By purchasing insurance that can mitigate a disaster scenario, you can get the financial support you’ll need to recover more quickly and comfortably than without.

Insurance Can Protect Your Loved Ones

Sometimes people purchase insurance knowing they’ll never see a dime of the payout. Such is the case for life insurance policyholders, who intend these policies to help their loved ones pay bills should they unexpectedly pass away.

While long-term care insurance does directly benefit its policyholder, it does so by providing financial assistance for extremely costly care in a nursing home or assisted living facility. When an insurance policy can help with these expenses – which can range anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000+ per year – the policyholder can retain a greater portion of their estate to leave behind for their loved ones when they pass away.

Uninsured or Underinsured? We Can Help!

If you have gaps in your insurance coverage that can threaten your financial stability, don’t wait to fill them. We at Insurances Specialists, Inc. can help you find the right policies for your budget and peace of mind so you won’t have to live life on the edge!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services by calling (888) 451-0883 or by connecting with us online!