Why You Should Consider Individual Disability Insurance

You’ve probably heard of disability insurance before or are thinking about joining a group plan, but perhaps you aren’t sure if this insurance is worth its premium. Unlike healthcare, dental, or vision policies – which you probably use often on an annual basis – disability insurance can provide a reliable safety net should you become so sick or injured that you can’t work.

Even if you’re already on a group plan, such as your employer’s, purchasing an individual policy can be a smart investment to protect your way of life if you lose your job. At Insurance Specialists, Inc., we strongly encourage those thinking about an individual disability insurance plan to consult with one of our representatives to learn more about how we can match them with the plan that’s right for them.

Here are additional considerations for why disability insurance can be the right investment for you:

  • You have debt. Nearly everyone has some kind of debt whether it’s a mortgage, auto loan, credit cards, medical bills, or more. Having a reliable income is vital to affording these bills, and disability insurance can ensure that cash continues flowing even if you can’t work because of a serious illness or injury.
  • Your job is dangerous. If your profession exposes you to dangerous conditions or situations, you are at a higher risk of missing work while caring for an illness or injury. Having insurance to cover your loss of income during such a time could help you make ends meet while you recover.
  • You have dependents in your family. Whether they’re your spouse, your children, or another relative in your care, if anyone depends on you and your income for support, having disability insurance can help you feel confident that they are protected for the future.
  • When the time comes, you will need the money. If you become seriously sick or injured, you might have to afford copays or services that your health insurance doesn’t cover. Losing your income because you can’t work compounds this problem and can make an already dire financial situation even worse.

Unfortunately, thousands of people each year face extreme financial hardship because they became too sick or injured to work. You might not believe it can happen to you, but why tempt fate? Having an individual disability insurance policy in place can keep you covered when you need help the most.

Are You Thinking about Getting a Policy?

You don’t have to live on the edge of financial ruin if you are hurt and can’t earn your income. An individual disability insurance policy can help you keep your head above water while you recover. Talk to one of our insurance specialists at Insurance Specialists, Inc. to learn more about our disability insurance policies.

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