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For those who have had a history of heart disease or cardiovascular illness, getting qualified to receive life insurance can be difficult. Many insurers are reluctant to approve applicants due to health issues. Although the process does present many difficult challenges, the door is not shut completely when it comes to approval.

After a heart attack, suffice to say that insurance companies will scrutinize the application carefully. To better assist you, Insurance Specialists, Inc. offers some advice on what the insurance companies look for and what you should expect. This may help increase your chances of getting approved and receiving adequate insurance coverage.

What Should I Provide to Insurance Companies?

When working with insurance companies, you should present only the facts to them. It is better to be upfront about your medical needs and history—whether you have a heart condition or suffering from chronic illness. If the insurance company later comes to find out that you were in any way dishonest or even left out vital information, they can deny coverage.

Here are some of the questions you might be expected to answer:

  • The age when you were diagnosed
  • Whether or not you have accompanying medical conditions that can lead to a heart attack
  • If you regularly meet with your doctor for appointments
  • The types of treatments you are currently receiving or have been recommended, such as medication or surgery
  • Whether or not your medical condition has gotten better after your initial diagnosis
  • How well you are taking care of yourself and your condition

While your case will be different from the next, however, insurance companies have very strict criteria on what they believe is an ideal candidate. However, if you have not been experiencing heart issues for several years, you have a record of continuously receiving treatment, and are keeping up with your physician appointments, then these are all seen favorably in the eyes of the insurance companies.

As always, feel free to speak with a member of our team at Insurance Specialists, Inc. if you have questions about applying for life insurance. Client satisfaction is our number one priority!