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Insurance companies have many reasons for denying someone life insurance coverage. However, perhaps the largest reason that life insurance is rejected is due to a health condition. Below, Insurance Specialists, Inc. offers some explanations behind the reasons people are so often denied coverage.

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Top Reasons Life Insurance Is Denied

1. You have an ongoing medical condition.

An ongoing medical condition that affects the heart or makes one more susceptible to a heart attack might raise a red flag for an insurance company. A serious illness such as cancer, diabetes, or a terminal illness, you may get turned down for more traditional forms of life insurance. Instead, you may be offered high-risk life insurance, and not every company offers this and the rates can be higher. You can discuss your situation with Insurance Specialists, Inc. to determine which route is best to take.

2. Your income is disproportionate to the policy you’ve requested.

The typical formula for life insurance is to seek coverage that is somewhere between 10 to 30 times your yearly salary, and also depending on your age. It may be difficult also to be approved if you are not pulling in any come.

3. You have a history of drunk driving.

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence more than once? The bottom line—insurance companies will almost always deny life insurance coverage if you have been convicted of three drunk driving charges within the last 10 years. In fact, some companies may even choose to deny coverage after one or two convictions. In their eyes, a person with multiple DUI’s is seen as a risky client. To clear your name and your record with the insurance companies, you should participate in counseling or alcohol education or demonstrate that you have been free of alcohol abuse for the past two years; the goal is to ensure that your life insurance policy.

4. You have a criminal record.

Not all criminal convictions automatically mean that the insurance company will deny coverage. The type of crime involved and the amount of time that has passed since conviction all play a role. So, for example, being convicted once 15 years ago for a misdemeanor is not nearly the same as being convicted of several felonies. You might wish to consult with an insurance agent who has an understanding of high-risk life insurance policies to assist you. Our team at Insurance Specialists, Inc. would be more than happy to direct you on the right path.

We understand the importance and peace of mind that an insurance plan provides. That is why we are here to provide high-quality, client-centered service. We have more than 50 years of experience. Contact us today!