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Research suggests that people who don’t have dental benefits are more likely to neglect preventive dental care and are more likely to require expensive extractions, dentures, and emergency treatments. Although dental treatments can be very expensive, there are ways to reduce these costs. In this blog, we explain 5 things you can do to save on your dental care expenses.

#1: Dental Insurance vs. Medical Benefits

Dental insurance plans are designed to encourage policy holders to take advantage of preventive treatments. Most dental plans offer to pay 100% of preventive services like cleanings, X-rays, and check-up appointments. Most plans will also cover restorative services such as fillings and periodontal cleanings for 80% of the cost. Procedures for implants and crowns are usually reimbursed at 50%. Dental plans typically have low annual maximum caps on what the plan will pay towards your care.

#2: Braces Aren’t Always Covered

Dental plans purchased on the private market often do not cover orthodontic services. However, work-based dental policies generally offer a $ 1,500 lifetime maximum payout for the cost of braces.

#3: HMO

A lot of the dental plans sold on the market today give customers access to a large number of dentists. But if you think you will require a lot of dental care, you might want to consider an HMO. An HMO plan limits the dentists you can see to only those who participate in your insurer’s network. Although these offices have a more corporate environment, their overall costs are usually lower. Monthly premiums for HMO plans are less expensive than PPO plans, and there is no maximum annual coverage.

#4: Discount Plan

A discount dental plan can help you lower your dental care expenses by up to 60% for common charges. However, discount plans aren’t actual insurance plans, and they are not regulated by a state’s department of insurance.

#5: Compare Policy Prices

When looking for dental care, ask upfront about the costs you will have to pay for and request a pre-treatment estimate. After you do this, look around and compare prices before you commit to any one plan. Our friendly insurance administrators can help you compare prices and find the dental policy that is right for you.

At Insurance Specialists, Inc., we are dedicated to helping our clients get the highest quality insurance products that they need. Our professional insurance administrators can help you get dependable dental insurance at a competitive rate. More importantly, we will make sure your coverage remains consistent and is of the highest possible quality.

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