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If you’re a budget-conscious small business owner, you’re always looking out for your company’s bottom line. The truth is, for what cyber liability coverage costs, any small business can benefit tremendously when the unthinkable occurs.

Security software company Symantec found in a study that companies with fewer than 250 employees were targeted by hackers more often than much larger companies. Even so, people really only seem to know about more significant breaches, such as that of Harbour Plaza Hotel Management in February 2022, LinkedIn in June 2021, Facebook in 2019, and other major companies.

So, why is it that you don’t hear more about these attacks against small businesses? A lot of it has to do with the media’s bias. A story about a local small business’s data breach is unlikely to attract the same attention as a breach involving a company like one of those mentioned above. It’s just not as “juicy” of a story, to put it bluntly.

While that can be beneficial to the public relations of a small business dealing with a data breach, it still has a lot on its hands. The work that small businesses must do to assess the extent of the data breach, mitigate its impact, and prevent another breach from occurring costs a lot of time and money.

At least some of that time and money, however, can be saved with the benefits of a cyber liability insurance policy. We at Insurance Specialists, Inc. can match small business owners with policies that help secure their companies against the impact of an unforeseen data breach.

Even the most security-minded small businesses can become victims of determined hackers. That’s why having a cyber liability insurance policy is the best way to ensure your company is insulated against the unknown.

If you’d like to learn more about cyber liability insurance or would like to connect with one of our agents, contact Insurance Specialists, Inc. online now.