Should I Get Life Insurance Before Traveling?

If you don’t already have a life insurance policy, getting one before you travel for vacation can be a great reason to get one. Anything can happen whether you’re vacationing abroad, trekking around the U.S., or even just enjoying a semi-staycation in a relaxing part of your state.

While people safely get to their destinations all around the world every day, no one can really be sure what can happen in the air, on the road, or at sea. What’s more, it’s even harder to imagine the unfortunate events at your destination that could end your life – especially when you’re just trying to focus on having a good time!

Will I Be Asked About My Travel Plans?

Probably, but that can be much less of a problem than you might realize. Insurance carriers will want to know about any previous or planned trips outside of the U.S. You’re more likely to encounter snags with this part of the process if your trips are repeated rather than a vacation for a week or two.

If I’m Going to Travel, Will I Be Denied Life Insurance?

The good news is that you probably won’t be denied life insurance based solely on your travel plans, but the insurer might give you a lower health classification. This can translate to a higher premium, but as long as you were honest with the entire application process, it can also mean a death benefit payout should something happen while you’re traveling.

Does the Country I’m Traveling to Affect My Coverage?

Yes. Some countries are considered riskier than others for travelers, often due to high rates of crime or armed conflict. If you are going to a country known for carrying significant risks such as these, you may see it reflected in your premium or the extent of coverage you receive.

Does the Duration of My Travel Affect My Application?

It can. The longer you are abroad, the longer you are exposed to risk. That’s at least the way insurance carriers will regard the duration of your travel.

You may be underwritten differently depending on how long you remain outside of the U.S. For example, you may be limited to how long you can travel to certain countries without breaking your policy. If your travel is for an extended term, such as a month or longer, you may actually be underwritten as a foreign national even if you’re a U.S. citizen.

So, Should I Get a Life Insurance Policy?

Whether or not you get a life insurance policy is up to you, but these insurance products are very handy to have for most people. With a life insurance policy, you can worry a lot less about how your loved ones would manage their finances without your support. You can also have a life insurance policy if you want to be sure your loved ones receive an inheritance if you fear your creditors going after your estate.

Ultimately, the decision is yours! That said, there’s no substitution for peace of mind when you’re traveling abroad or throughout the U.S.

Do You Need Help with Life Insurance?

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