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The annual maximum for your dental insurance policy is the limit that your insurance carrier will pay toward the cost of dental services. Annual maximum benefits typically only refer to what you spend in a 12-month period, but lifetime maximums may apply under certain policies.

It’s important to be fully aware of what the annual maximum is for your dental insurance. Once this limit is reached, you become fully responsible for the cost of all dental services until the next year.

What Counts Toward a Dental Plan’s Annual Maximum?

Generally speaking, the portion that your dental insurance carrier pays for services counts toward your plan’s annual maximum.

Some plans provide full coverage for basic services, such as X-rays, cleanings, and exams, that don’t count toward your annual maximum. Other treatments such as fillings, crowns, and root canals are more costly and may be partially covered, but can quickly use up your annual maximum.

Be sure to review your plan’s explanation of benefits to review which services are covered, to what extent, and how this can factor into how quickly you’ll use your dental plan’s annual maximum.

How Do I Find My Dental Plan’s Annual Maximum?

You can typically find your dental plan’s annual maximum limit on the explanation of benefits document you should have received when you purchased your policy. You should also be able to obtain a new copy of this document on-demand by logging into your account on your insurance carrier’s website.

You can also call your insurance carrier for questions about your dental plan’s annual maximum for clarification on any issues that may seem confusing to you.

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