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Insurance for North Carolina State Firefighter Association

We Are Dedicated To The Professional Association Insurance Industry Nationwide.

Umbrella insurance can be a great way to make sure that you have the additional coverage you need in case of an unexpected event. It provides extra protection above and beyond what your home or auto insurance policy already covers, which can protect your personal finances against harm caused by a lack of coverage.

Umbrella insurance is a great way to get additional coverage in case of an emergency. Here are some of the key benefits of umbrella insurance:

  • Broad Coverage - Umbrella insurance provides broader coverage than regular homeowners or auto insurance policies, including protection against libel and slander claims and even certain rental property damages.
  • Added Protection - An umbrella policy can provide additional protection against unexpected costs that exceed the limits of other types of insurance, such as auto or homeowners.
  • Affordable Cost - Umbrella policies are surprisingly affordable and typically cost between $150 and $300 per year for up to $1 million in coverage. The added coverage may be well worth the cost if you ever have to use it.
  • Flexibility - In addition to providing additional coverage, umbrella policies also allow you to customize your coverage and deductible levels based on your individual needs.
  • Peace of Mind - Knowing that you have extra protection in case of an emergency can provide peace of mind for you and your family. Umbrella insurance can help protect against unexpected expenses and provide financial security.
  • Access to Better Insurance Rates - Many insurance companies will offer better rates if you have an umbrella policy in place, as it shows that you take your coverage seriously and are willing to pay more for additional protection.

Overall, umbrella insurance is a great way to get extra coverage in case of an emergency. It can be surprisingly affordable, provides added protection, and gives you peace of mind. Plus, having an umbrella policy may even help you get lower insurance rates in the future. All of these benefits make umbrella insurance a smart option for anyone who wants extra coverage.

When you need help finding the right insurance policy for you and your family, contact Insurance Specialists, Inc. today!