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Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage

personal umbrella policy

Excess Coverage Once Home & Auto Liability Limits are Reached

While you may think that you are fully protected under your homeowner's or automobile insurance policy, what happens if an accident occurs and the amount covered under these policies is not enough? Fortunately, with a personal umbrella insurance policy in place, this will not be something that you need to worry about any longer.

About Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance pays for damages and incidents when the liability limits from your other policies have been reached. Many people consider personal umbrella insurance to be the best value available in insurance today, and for a nominal amount, you can have excess coverage against all types of potential exposures.

Purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy may be especially important if you:

  • Have assets that you would like to protect
  • Have a young driver in your home
  • Own a dog
  • Have sizeable earnings or a high-profile career
  • Own a swimming pool
  • Serve on the board of a non-profit organization

    In today's society, there are a vast range of unanticipated situations that could trigger a lawsuit being brought against you. While these lawsuits are often not based on any legitimate grounds, simply defending yourself against them can lead to substantial costs. By thinking ahead and covering yourself with a comprehensive insurance policy, you can make sure that these potential issues will be taken care of financially.

    Let Our Insurance Agents Protect You!

    At Insurance Specialists, Inc., our insurance agents are committed to ensuring you are protected against liabilities that may arise in excess of your current home and auto policy limits*. We will take the time to better understand the needs and goals that you have, and provide solutions that are customized to your specific situation.

    *Not all products on this page are available to all Participating Associations.Check your specific association page for a reference of your association's products.

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