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Getting Injured at School

In many ways, accidents are part of learning, and that means schools are prone to injures that occur as a result of accidents. When you or a loved one are injured at a school, it’s important to make sure you’re covered and can receive the medical treatment you need. However, employer-sponsored plans don’t always work out as you’d like. Often times an employer plan will have a high deductible that you haven’t met, and a school accident can force you to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars you can’t afford just to meet your annual deductible.

What We Can Do to Help

This is why Insurance Specialists, Inc. offers student accident insurance. These policies are normally purchased by educational institutions and offered to students, faculty, and administrative staff to cover them in the event of any unforeseen injuries.

Insurance Specialists, Inc. offers two types of student accident insurance: School time coverage, and 24-hour accident coverage. School time coverage covers students, faculty, and administrators during regular school hours and while at school-sponsored activities, such as dances, class trips, or football games. It will cover activities not on school grounds, but only for events that are expressly sponsored by the school.

24-hour accident coverage is more comprehensive, protecting all covered individuals around the clock at any activity on any day, including weekends, over summer, on holidays, and more! This coverage can make sure those who attend or work at your institution will receive the care they need regardless of how they are hurt, and whether or not the activity was school-sponsored.

When Does Coverage Begin?

Depending on the terms of your policy, your coverage can begin at a few different times. Most policies become active as soon as the premium is received by the school administrator. If the insurance is set to be purchased at a different date, the policy will begin on that specific date. In most cases, schools can opt to have their policy begin on the first day of registration or earlier to protect teachers as they begin preparing their classrooms for the new year.

Policies typically run for an entire year, expiring at 12:01am on the first day of the next school year, or on the anniversary of the policy, whichever comes earlier.

At Insurance Specialists, Inc., we have provided dependable and affordable professional insurance for Association members. Our business focuses on three things: service, strength, and security. We strive to provide dependable, accurate, and consistent products at the most competitive prices while maintaining quality benefits. We understand the needs you have as a professional or business owner, and we strive to be reliable and trustworthy in serving you every day.

If you are a school administrator, protect your staff and students with a student accident insurance plan from Insurance Specialists, Inc. Call today at 888.451.0083 to discuss what options we can provide you with.