Frequently Asked Questions about Student Accident Insurance

If you’ve never heard of student accident insurance before, you’re not alone. There are many different kinds of insurance products out there, but most people tend to stick the basics that cover their health, vehicles, and homes. Although you may not hear as much about student accident insurance, however, don’t be misled into believing it’s not worth considering.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Student Accident Insurance

Whether you have heard of student accident insurance before or not, you probably have a lot of questions about what it is, what it’s for, and who it can protect. We have the answers to all of these questions and more below, so invest a few minutes in becoming more acquainted with student accident insurance.

1. What Is Student Accident Insurance & What Does It Do?

Put simply, student accident insurance is a type of insurance that covers a student’s medical treatment when they are injured at school.

Coverage is often secondary to the medical insurance already covering a child. This means that student accident insurance typically kicks in when the coverage limit for the primary medical policy is exceeded or the primary policy will not cover certain expenses.

2. Who Is Eligible for Student Accident Insurance?

Most student accident insurance policies only cover students attending kindergarten through the 12th grade. If you are a parent looking to cover your child in preschool or college, student accident insurance may not be for you.

3. Are Students Covered during Field Trips & Other Events?

In most cases, students are covered during any school-sponsored event or activity. This includes off-campus field trips, sleep-away camps, or after-hours events like dances.

4. Can Student-Athletes Get Coverage?

Yes, although you may need to purchase an additional option for contact sports, like tackle football. If covering a student-athlete in the event of sports injury is important to you, be sure to carefully check a policy to ensure coverage is possible before purchasing.

5. Are Students Covered during Summer School?

Because summer school is a school-sponsored program, it can be covered under student accident insurance policies that persist year-round, instead of just the nine months of school.

6. After I Purchase a Policy, When Does Coverage Begin & End?

Most student accident insurance policies cover a student’s nine months in school. Coverage typically begins after midnight on the first day of the new school year or as soon as the first premium is paid on a plan purchased after the first day of school.

Policies end when parents cancel, fail to make payments, or the child is no longer attending school.

7. Who Can I Turn to for Help with Finding the Right Policy for Me?

If you’re a parent looking to purchase student accident insurance to protect your child, we at Insurance Specialists, Inc. can provide the expert guidance you need. Not only do we offer our own student accident insurance policies, but we are also specialists who can assess your needs and match you with the policy that provides the coverage you require.

If you’d like to learn more about student accident insurance or have other questions we didn’t address here, please contact us online and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!