School's in Session: Do You Have a Student Accident Insurance Policy?

School’s back in session for the year, and that means your child may be exposed to certain risks of injury that are beyond your control. Don’t panic, though! If an accident occurs at school or during a school-sponsored event, a student accident insurance policy can ensure that your child will get the medical treatment they need.

If you aren’t the parent of a student but instead someone who works at a school, a student accident insurance policy might also work for you! Insurance Specialists, Inc. partners with participating schools to offer coverage for enrolled students, faculty members, and administration staff.

What Is Student Accident Insurance?

Student accident insurance provides limited coverage for accidental injuries that occur at school or school-sponsored events. This means that a policy can cover your child’s medical treatment if they are injured on school property, traveling to and from school, while on a field trip, or during any religious services your school may sponsor.

Some policies even cover student-athletes, who may be at a greater risk of injury. Consult with an insurance specialist to learn more about options that may be available to cover a student athlete.

Does Coverage Only Apply During School Hours?

No! When you have an active student accident insurance policy, coverage is 24/7. That means that as long as your child’s injury occurred in connection to covered school activities, they can be covered after normal school hours, on the weekends, during holidays, and even during seasonal breaks.

Do I Have to Wait Until the New School Year to Buy Student Accident Insurance?

No! When you purchase a student accident insurance policy, it activates as soon as the school administrator receives payment. This means that you have time and the flexibility to consider purchasing a policy.

When Does Student Accident Insurance Expire?

There are two common conditions under which a student accident insurance policy may expire. The first is the policy’s natural expiration date, which is midnight on the first day of the next school year. The second is a lapse in payment. Any unpaid premiums can cause an automatic termination of the policy.

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