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When parents send their young children off to school for the very first time, they may feel a certain kind of anxiety that never fully resides no matter how old they get. Every parent wants to make sure their children are protected at all times, but it’s a simple fact of life that parents won’t always be there to keep their children out of harm’s way.

Whether you’ve heard of it before or not, you’re probably wondering what student accident insurance is and what it covers. Injuries at school and during school functions are unfortunate realities, but parents can prepare themselves by purchasing a student accident insurance policy to cover whatever medical bills come along the way.

At participating schools, a student accident insurance policy can provide the following and more:

  • Coverage during hours and days when school is in session
  • Coverage during school-sponsored events on or off school grounds
  • Coverage for travel to and from class field trips, sporting events, or religious services
  • Optional coverage for tackle football and other contact sports
  • 24-hour accident coverage even at home or on weekends, vacation periods, or other places and times when school is not in session

Who Is Eligible to Purchase Student Accident Insurance?

Parents may primarily purchase policies to cover their children, but student accident insurance policyholders may also be the faculty or administration members of a participating school.

Who Pays the Premium?

Those who purchase a student accident insurance policy are responsible for affording the premium.

What Is the Typical Coverage Term for a Student Accident Insurance Policy?

Most coverage begins after midnight on the first day of the next school year or on the anniversary of the policy’s original purchase date, whichever is earlier. Coverage ends when the policy is canceled or the covered individual is no longer affiliated with the participating school.

Contact Us for More Information

If your child is enrolled at a school participating in a student accident insurance policy program, reach out to Insurance Specialists Inc. for help. Our brokers can help you design your policy to help you get the coverage you want for your child so you can rest assured they’ll get the medical care and attention they need should an accident occur at school.

For more information, please contact Insurance Specialists Inc. online or by calling (888) 451-0883.